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Compost Offers the Most! (Posted 04.01.14)
International Compost Awareness Week is May 5-11. Find out what compost is, how it improves our environment, and how it can benefit your garden in the latest Environmental Bulletin.

NASA Healthier You webinar series (Posted 2.28.14)
This series provides behavior change and wellness webinars to all civil servants, contractors and family members. Find more information, how to register and more here.

Antibiotic Resistance (Posted 2.12.14)
It's been called one of the world's most pressing public health problems and can cause significant danger and suffering for people who have common infections which were once easily treatable with antibiotics. If you missed the talk by GSFC's Medical Director, Dr. Kimberly Beck on antibiotic resistance, you can view the full presentation here.

Dr. Doug Tallamy on Bringing Nature Home (Posted 1.14.13)
If you missed hearing Doug Tallamy speak about the vital role we all have in maintaining wildlife and preserving biodiversity during the Scientific Colloquium, you can view the webcast, read about it in a recent edition of the Environmental Newsletter or learn more at his website.


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The Code 250 Medical and Environmental Management Division (MEMD) plans, organizes, and directs medical and environmental resource protection programs for the Center, Wallops Flight Facility (WFF), and Goddard’s worldwide tracking facilities. The division provides multi-disciplined operations, support, and guidance in the overall protection of the Center's mission, personnel, and property. The two primary functional areas that the MEMD focuses on include:

Environmental Management

The MEMD provides regulatory and programmatic environmental management services, expert counsel, and guidance regarding environmental issues. Our team defines environmental responsibilities to minimize impact on mission costs and schedule, minimize impact of projects on the environment, and to ensure compliance with the Center’s Environmental Management System’s goals and objectives. We work with project managers to find creative solutions to environmental issues and problems and ensure mission success. Visit the Greenbelt or WFF environmental pages for more information on individual environmental programs.

Medical Management
The MEMD plans, organizes, and manages medical health activities including Health Unit Services, the Fitness Facility, and the Employee Assistance Program. We perform medical health-related analyses, inform employees of the latest health matters, and ensure Goddard adheres to all medical health laws, regulations, and policies to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees.
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